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Stratton Suspender Co.

Palm Linen Suspenders Set - Fall Collection Stratton Suspender Co.

Palm Linen Suspenders Set - Fall Collection Stratton Suspender Co.

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Stratton Suspender Co.’s Vintage Button On Braces with Palm Green Strap Set is beautiful! Please watch our product video in our about section if you would like to learn more about our magnetic clasp option. But for those not new to braces, our Aniline Italian leather ears are the best in the World.

Our Palm Green Linen is a little hard to describe, but the photo is accurate. It is a green with hints of yellow.

The Palm Green is ideal for Baylor students or grads with the unique deep, vibrant green you might want for your wedding.

Stratton Suspender strap sets can now be used with our new leather button on attachments and/or with our sell-out patented leather clasp sets. A truly unique way to stand out with class!

Stratton Suspender Company has bridged this gap between the timeless look of traditional button-on braces without the hassle of tailoring.

Stratton Suspender Co. uses a Patent Pending “Modular Twin-Magnetic Clasp System” to give the user the look of traditional button-on suspenders with the convenience of clips; yet with a comfort and versatility unmatched in history.

The magnets are more than strong enough, we could have gotten away with half the magnet clasps but it would not have that classic look.

Guaranteed to not come off.

More than that, the modularity of Stratton Suspenders allows you to interchange different straps adding an entirely new dimension to men’s style.

One set of Stratton Suspenders guarantees you’ll have the perfect look for any occasion.


Handpicked Italian Pontedero Dyed Leather Paired with Linen or Cotton

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping for all domestic orders. We accept returns within 7 days of receiving your items as long as they meet the requirements that are stated in our Return Policy. For more information on returns, please review our Return Policy.


Our standard suspender size ranges from 34 to 49 inches. However we recommend you email us if you are taller than 6 feet or shorter than 5 feet so that we can make the necessary alterations.

Care Instructions

Do not wash. If ironing, iron on "Cotton or Linen" setting.

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