Collection: Stratton Suspender Modular Strap Sets

Stratton Suspender Co. has created a modular design that allows our customers unique ability to purchase additional straps without the cost of purchasing the much more expensive clasp set.

Browse our Strap Collection and Find the perfect compliment to your first selection creating the greatest possible versatility.

Think Summer and Winter, Spring and Fall, Light and Dark, Casual and Formal, Jeans and Slacks, Work and Leisure, Night and Day, Date or Night out with Friends; the options are endless, and every strap and suspender set comes with our 100% money back guarantee.

Check our Etsy Reviews to see what others are saying, we've accrued an incredible 100% 5-Star reviews on every review for weddings, East Coast, West Coast, Old South, Southwest, and our love... Texas.

Whether you're a lawyer or Rancher, in Finance or the Oil Industry; Stratton Suspender Co. has something for everyone.

Stratton Suspender Modular Strap Sets

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