"The Scotch of Style"

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Why Stratton Suspenders?

Stratton Suspender Co. uses a Patent Pending “Modular Twin-Magnetic Clasp System” to give the user the look of traditional button-on suspenders with the convenience of clips; yet with a comfort and versatility unmatched in history.

The magnets are more than strong enough, we could have gotten away with half the magnet clasps but it would not have that classic look.

Guaranteed to not come off or your money back.

More than that, the modularity of Stratton Suspenders allows you to interchange different straps adding an entirely new dimension to men’s style.

One set of Stratton Suspenders guarantees you’ll have the perfect look for any occasion.

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  • The Cure To Men's Fashion Boredom

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Our Home - Our Heart: Uvalde, Texas

Stratton Suspender Co. Uvalde Strong

A small town with the love to endure the unedurable...

We had to leave Uvalde for an event last weekend with a hope filled loving send off - We wanted to make our community proud and the name "Uvalde" known for the beautiful landscape and community that was the inspiration for the product we make.

After dozens of conversations surrounding, "where are you guys out of?" We said, "Uvalde..." They looked puzzled, they had no idea where that was but we couldn't help but paint a picture of the quiet, serene spring fed rivers and tall shady Live Oaks, with a town square most people might think only lives on sets of old Hollywood movies, but for us, it is our home.

May God Bless our grieving town, and please pray for the people of our small town as we pick up the pieces of what's left behind when all the cameras and news crews leave. We will continue to lean on eachother as we mourn each angel called home into the loving arms of our Savior.

We love Uvalde, and we hope everyone can get a sense of the community that shapes our small business, Everything that leaves our home with a Uvalde, Texas home address in the corner is cut, stitched, put together, and packaged represents the spriit of what we once referred to as the "secret" gem of the Texas Hill Country.

Now Shipping!

Due to the success of our Kickstarter Campaign, raising over 780% of our Initial Goal, we had to offer a Pre-Order to anyone who missed our campaign.

We are happy to announce that all of our Pre-Orders have shipped and we are offically ready to fulfill new orders!

Act Now -Each set of Stratton Suspenders are handmade to order and we only have limited materials on hand.