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Stratton Suspender Co. - The Scotch of Style Logo Austin Texas

"Men's fashion accessories serve a purpose, they project confidence, competence, and personality; they are functional, functional to the narrative you tell about who you are before you even say a word." - Daniel Stratton, CEO Stratton Suspender Co.

Bespoke Style Braces - No Tailor Required

Stratton Suspenders Blue Linen White T-shirt Style

Stratton Suspender Co. uses a Patent Pending “Modular Twin-Magnetic Clasp System” to give the user the look of traditional button-on suspenders with the convenience of clips; yet with a comfort and versatility unmatched in history.

  • The magnets are more than strong enough, we could have gotten away with half the magnet clasps but it would not have that classic look.
  • Guaranteed to not come off or your money back.

More than that, the modularity of Stratton Suspenders allows you to interchange different straps adding an entirely new dimension to men’s style.

One set of Stratton Suspenders guarantees you’ll have the perfect look for any occasion.

 Rugged Menswear - Stratton Suspenders Masculine Style

 Nothing too showy, mind you (the goal isn't to look like a peacock), but just noticeable enough so that a trained eye can recognize - and admire - the finer points of what makes your style special

Stratton Suspenders - The Subtlety is Magnetic

Traditional button-on suspenders appeal to a certain kind of man, the capable, confident, and in control.

The Most Versatile Men's Accessory The perfect intersection of form and function - Stratton Suspenders

This powerhouse accessory defines many of Hollywood’s most iconic roles.  So what is it about these classic suspenders that leave such an impression?

  • Suspenders reinforce good posture, reminding the user to pull his shoulders back and down, opening the chest up for a more commanding and confident presence.
  • Suspenders streamline your torso making you appear taller, unlike a belt, which chops your torso in half.
  • Suits were never made for belts. The buckle at the opening of your suit coat creates a distraction in an otherwise sleek, natural look.
  • The vertical suspender straps make your shoulders appear broader.
  • Traditional button-on suspenders use a twin-button leather attachment instead of the distracting eyesores that are metal clips.
  • The Leather enhances any style, you can dress it up or down; leather goes with everything and is ideal for any occasion.

But the real reason, the only reason that matters, is that traditional button-on suspenders signal irreverence.

 Texas Style Suspenders and T-shirt

You don’t seek permission; you set the tone.  You don’t crave acceptance with brand names plastered across your chest.  You’re you; you wear plain t-shirts, jeans, and well-tailored suits.

People are drawn to the way you make the ordinary look extraordinary.

 An Austin Texas Original Stratton Suspenders

An Austin Original

Convenient Style - No Tailor Required

Having just sang the praises of the look of traditional button-on suspenders/braces, there’s one glaring problem, and it has more to do with our modern lifestyle than anything.

Men tend to value convenience over style, but the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Formal Bow Tie and Stratton Suspenders

Stratton Suspenders hopes to give men a reason to get creative with their style again - Get the look you love with the convenience you need without a tailor

You want the look of traditional button-on suspenders, but the thought of having to choose which pants are going to be your “suspender pants,” and then taking them to a tailor only to lose a button later makes this option not worth most men’s time or effort.

The market is awash with patents attempting to solve this problem, but in every case the cure is worse than the disease.

The last project I funded through Kickstarter was exactly what I needed to bridge the gap.  I had patented a magnetic clasp with the ideal magnet and enclosure to provide maximum pull force without compromising on the strength of material.  I just didn’t realize the best use for my creation was in fashion not fitness.

Rustic Men's Fashion and Accessories Stratton Suspender Co.

Rugged Masculine Style

They Told Us It Wouldn't Work - So We Had To Make It Ourselves

“We’ve taken a look at your drawings and your description and our designers said that it won’t work.” - Largest Fashion and Design Product Development and Production Company in Texas

This was the reply I received after submitting my design and product description to a fashion product developer specializing in prototypes for fashion start-ups.

Men's Suspenders Style Stratton Suspenders

Henley Shirt with Braces is a New/Old Look with Stratton Suspenders

Years of research into magnets and textiles had uniquely positioned me to see an opportunity in the men’s accessory industry that no one in fashion could.

The twin-magnetic clasp of Stratton Suspenders is the product of a lot of trial and error in finding the perfect magnet, covering, and casing to ensure proper strength.

Stratton Suspender Leather Twin Magnetic Clasp

Exact Design Delivered to the "Experts..."

Stratton Suspenders are so strong that they are comparable to the strongest clip-on suspenders, but with the soft mesh inside they will not rip the waistband of your dress pants like the sharp teeth of clips.

Stratton Suspenders Leather Twin Magnetic Clasp Open

Custom Leather - Handpicked, Handmade, and Hand Stitched in Austin, Texas

Modularity – Any Style, Any Setting

After the “suits” at the big textile manufacturers told us it couldn’t be done, and then we did it, and having them turn out incredible, we decided to go all in.

Each pair of Stratton Suspenders is handmade at our Austin studio in the heart of Texas.  This affords us a great deal of flexibility in patterns and styles, the kind of customization we could never afford with a manufacturer.

But how do we translate that into something truly value-added to our customers?

Stratton Suspenders Modular Twin Magnetic Clasp Design Parts

Stratton Suspenders' unique modular design allows the user to remove the straps and interchange a color or pattern more befitting to your specific circumstance

Well, the Stratton Suspenders “Modular Twin-Magnetic Clasp” is exactly that, modular.  The drop down leather “tongue” with stud is removable from the suspender strap itself, and the “ears” (the twin-magnetic clasp) are removable from the drop-down tongue.

 Custom Wedding Stratton Suspenders

We will be taking custom "Wedding Runs" to make sure your Wedding is seamless

This allows our customer the unique ability to purchase multiple “Stratton Suspender” straps without having to purchase an additional set of magnetic clasps.

Stratton Suspenders Custom Limited Edition Patterns

Continually releasing new small batch, limited run colors and patterns to build your collection for any occasion

We will constantly be updating our strap patterns and fabrics so our customers can continue to mix and match the straps and leather for the perfect look for any occasion.

The Classic Bespoke Look of Leather and Linen

Stratton Suspenders Blue Polka Dot Bow Tie


Stratton Suspenders were designed with versatility in mind, and that is our commitment.  The leather and linen straps of Stratton Suspenders will never be “out of style.”

Stratton Suspenders Black Straps with Cognac Clasps - Business Dress

Not only is it much more comfortable than the constricting feeling of a belt and tie, but let's be honest? It looks much better!

The actual straps of Stratton Suspenders are made out of woven linen fabric; very rare in today’s world of “fast fashion” and cheap trends.

Stratton Suspender Co. Formal Suspenders Wedding Bow Tie

 Leather and Linen - Goes with anything, you get it

The linen fabric in addition to the leather clasps are what give Stratton Suspenders that classic bespoke look that allows them to be worn with just about anything stylists would consider a man’s “staple” wardrobe.

Whatever you’re doin’, you’ll be doin’ it right...

Suspenders can make formal more casual or casual more formal.

Stratton Suspenders Formal Wear - Blue Linen with Light Brown Leather Clasps

Dress up a t-shirt in the heat or use them in place of a vest and tie for comfort.  You can wear them up over your shoulders or down depending on the mood.  Suspenders offer men exactly what they want, versatility.

Stratton Suspenders Smart Casual - Beige Linen Straps with Cognac Leather Clasps 

T-shirts have just become "Business Casual"

What makes Stratton Suspenders so unique is its potential to add an entirely new dimension to men’s style that hasn’t existed?

Stratton Suspender Co. Masculine Casual Style 

Fireman Style

Aside from the different colors, patterns, and leather; Stratton Suspenders, due to the twin-magnetic clasp design, allows the user to slide the straps off of the shoulders wearing them down, falling directly over the waistband naturally, just like the aforementioned photo of Marlon Brando in “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Cool Suspenders For Men and Weddings - Gruene, Texas

Closing Time at Old Gruene Hall

With such a quality linen and leather accessory like Stratton Suspenders, our customer can breathe a sigh of relief, they are adults now, and they would like to dress like it, plain t-shirts with Levi’s and button-downs with dress slacks, we’re not walking billboards, our clothes are the canvas our personality brings to life. Just a couple pairs of Stratton Suspenders and a few very inexpensive items can completely remake your wardrobe leaving you a small bedroom of extra closet space and the money saved on clothes might be enough to furnish it.

Our Vision at Stratton Suspender Co.

Our vision has always been, no matter your background, where you work, or what you like to do for fun; Stratton Suspenders will make you look and feel great.

Stratton Suspenders - Triumph Motorcycle Black Linen with Black Leather Clasps

At Stratton Suspender Co. we’re NOT simply giving you new elastic patterns in another attempt to reintroduce a trend that’s already proven to fail. Stratton Suspenders have actually succeeded where myriads of other larger companies have failed over the last century.

Stratton Suspender Co. Suspender Style Options - Fireman Style

Closing Time

Stratton Suspender Co. is completely doing away with that awful clip idea altogether, we’re also not entertaining a spin on leather straps (ears) with clips on the ends made to simply look like tailored button-on suspenders because let’s be honest, you’re not fooling anyone. Stratton Suspenders is creating something new, fresh, with the traditional masculine leather style of the tailored button-on suspenders without the need for a tailor or having to choose which pants will be your “suspender pants.”

Texas Style - Formal Western Wear - Stratton Suspender Co. Blue Linen with Light Brown Leather Clasps 

Matthew 11:28-31