Collection: Women's Collection by Stratton Suspender Co.

Just in time for Fall Semester - ladies, you will look adorable in this beautiful Purple Sage Blossom Linen Suspender Set - Tailored specifically for women, Stratton Suspender Co. has created an entirely new accessory for women that is guaranteed to draw the right kind of attention, the perfect combination of pretty and cute is hard to find, but we think we found it in our women’s collection.

Message us for custom order on new colors until we post new listings and we can make them upon request.

Stratton Suspender Co. does not makes costumes, and these beautiful linen and leather accessories will breathe life into a fashion industry on life support. Less is not always more, especially when it’s chilly out, and with Stratton Suspender Co. you’ll never have to rummage through your closet in a panic again, we can guarantee comfort and convenience along with a style that is unlike anything you’ve seen.

Women's Collection by Stratton Suspender Co.

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