Collection: Spring Suspender Sets

Stratton Suspender strap sets can be used with our beloved leather button on attachments or with our proven patented leather clasp sets. The subtlety is almost deafening - A “must-have men’s accessory in 2024”.

Stratton Suspenders “Modular Twin-Magnetic Clasp” is exactly that, modular. The drop down leather “tongue” with stud is removable from the suspender strap itself, and the “ears” (the twin-magnetic clasp) are removable from the drop-down tongue.

*Each additional strap set comes with your choice in leather with brass stud so you can EASILY change out straps in seconds.

This allows our customer the unique ability to purchase multiple “Stratton Suspender” straps without having to purchase an additional set of magnetic clasps.

We will constantly be updating our strap patterns and fabrics so our customers can continue to mix and match the straps and leather for the perfect look for any occasion.
Spring Suspender Sets

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