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Stratton Suspender Co.

Union Jack Coronation Day Leather Suspenders

Union Jack Coronation Day Leather Suspenders

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In an effort to save you from a very awkward conversation with your grandchildren as why Grandpa was wearing something that look like bondage to his wedding, Stratton Suspender Co. is the ideal timeless way to swerve the train wreck of “leather wedding suspenders.”

Stratton Suspender strap sets can now be used with our new leather button on attachments and/or with our sell-out patented leather clasp sets. A truly unique way to stand out with class!

Stratton Suspenders “Modular Twin-Magnetic Clasp” is exactly that, modular. The drop down leather “tongue” with stud is removable from the suspender strap itself, and the “ears” (the twin-magnetic clasp) are removable from the drop-down tongue.

This allows our customer the unique ability to purchase multiple “Stratton Suspender” straps without having to purchase an additional set of magnetic clasps.


Handpicked Italian Pontedero Dyed Leather Paired with Linen or Cotton

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping for all domestic orders. We accept returns within 30 days of receiving your items as long as they meet the requirements that are stated in our Return Policy. For more information on returns, please review our Return Policy.


Our standard suspender size ranges from 34 to 49 inches. However we recommend you email us if you are taller than feet or shorter than 5 feet so that we can personally alter them to fit you better.

Care Instructions

Do not wash. If ironing, iron on "Cotton or Linen" setting.

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