Uvalde Strong - It's more than a slogan to us, we lift each other up - MAY 26, 2022 UPDATE

Uvalde Strong - It's more than a slogan to us, we lift each other up - MAY 26, 2022 UPDATE

Having began at our Apartment on the infamous South Congress Street, Austin, Texas; we packed our apartment to head home to Uvalde, Texas last year; our friends asked if we were going to change our logo to "Uvalde - Texas" with a chuckle because at the time no one on earth knew where Uvalde, Texas was, much less how to even pronounce it?

All that changed on May 24, 2022; the day that changed our home, our community, and our business forever.

Never again would someone ask "where are you based out of?" and we go on for 10 minutes explaining to them that this town they'd never heard of is the place we like to say that "God did his finest handywork," with the crystal clear rivers and streams, the rugged rolling hilltops, it was an Eden for us and our community, insulated from many of the concerns of the modern world.

Now, it seems everything has changed. Now, instead of that wonderful human connection we would get telling someone about our secret hidden spot in the middle of the Texas Hill Country, it seems they can't help but give you that look as though they had just asked about a family member whose just passed.

Our hope and prayer is that through our small company, we can help to show people from all over the world that Uvalde, Texas will not be defined by what happened that day in May, but rather, begin to see Uvalde for who we are, a creative and resilient people who are strong as a real community of people who have always been there for each other and will continue to lean on each other as we navigate these difficult times.

Stratton Suspender Co. hopes to ship you something beautiful to represent the people of this town, and our hope is that just as I promised a local friend a week before that day in May, I intend to keep Stratton Suspender Co. a local company and to help to sustain our town the way we always have, through small businesses helping to put food on each other's tables.

We thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that you can get a taste of this beautiful town in the products we sell.


Daniel & Jacqueline Stratton

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